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About the Author

Heather McKenzie is the bestselling author of the darkly-romantic thriller novels Serenade, Nocturne and Rhapsody. Check back soon for updates on upcoming releases!

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Kidnapped and held captive in the Canadian Wilds, a teenage heiress is forced to survive a brutal wilderness while her bodyguard stops at nothing to find her... “NAIL BITING,” - InDtale Magazine



"Serenade has a slow burn of a start, but the backstory is important...The writing is well executed, particularly the descriptive elements, something in which I feel the author truly excels. The scenes and action following the kidnapping are fantastic, with enough unexpected twists to keep the pages turning. I'd highly recommend this book to lovers of good, traditional YA with a unique plot." - Readers' Favorite, 5-star review

"WOW, what an awesome and refreshing read full of love, hate, surprises, mystery, loyalty and everything in between. This author truly has a knack for story-telling and spinning it just enough to keep you guessing and needing to read more. This is a spectacular debut read and I highly recommend it." - Jenny Bynum, Black Words White Pages

"Female heroine. Check. Adventure with high stakes. Check. Strong and powerful story with intrigue and secrets. Check. I loved nearly everything about this story. It had everything I hope for and love in a YA book. The writing style and powerful way the author can showcase emotions makes me eager to read anything McKenzie will write next- fiction, nonfiction, picture books, or anything." - Rachel Barnard, Author  

"Part adventure, part coming of age and completely absorbing as we are taken into the wilds of the Canadian mountains... a tale that is eye-opening and entertaining and fresh in its telling!" - Dianne's Reviews, Goodreads

"McKenzie is a promising author that is going to give readers a powerhouse trilogy that is sure to be successful." - Danielle Roberts, The Pluviophile Reader

"It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a romantic suspense this much ... probably since my last Sandra Brown and that is saying something. ESPECIALLY for a first book from an author. Are you kidding me?!? THIS is what you're coming out of the gate with? I'll be stalking library shelves indefinitely for this author - she had me hooked after the first page. Lifetime fan. SO good." - Julie Brandenburg, Little Miss Bookmark

"Superb writing skill, gripping story, intriguing characters..." - Crystal, Goodreads

"Heather McKenzie's debut novel was outstanding and beautiful and perfect... I WISH IT WAS POSSIBLE TO GIVE SERENADE 1,000 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Samantha McLaughlin, Goodreads

"What a great read - debut novel too. Got it all; mystery, love, hatred and friendship." - Jane’s Reviews, Goodreads

"Beautiful story, beautiful layout and interesting story line. The story gives a clear description between love and obsession." -  Lucia, Goodreads

"Love, confusion, kidnapping, intrigue, good guys that look like bad guys. This has it all." - Connie Zinsmeister, Goodreads

"Action and tension ride high the whole way through with mounds of unexpected twists and turns." - Tonja Drecker, Author

"Terrifically written! Suspense, mystery, romance and intrigue. Characters who make me want to shoot them, plot twists I hadn't expected and a smile as I wish to read more of this series." - Lori Bindner, Goodreads

"WOW, I just happened to wander onto this book. It was a great read. Very well written and held onto your attention the whole ride not letting go." - Emily Owens, Google Play Review

"This book surprised me in every possible level ♥ The characters are beautifully built, the plot keeps moving forwards, dragging the reader through the pages, the descriptions are magical and the cover... OMG the cover! Heather McKenzie did an amazing job at keeping her characters reliable, plausible and, above all, unique." - Zoe Haslie, Author 

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